Page 1-Joe Quesada Shares High-Res Comic Book Page From ‘Logan’

Last week, Fox dropped the final trailer for the upcoming film Logan, Hugh Jackman’s third and final outing as Wolverine. As incredible as the trailer was, the moment that revealed Logan discrediting the story of an in-universe X-Men comic garnered a mixed reaction from fans.

Chief creative officer of Marvel and artist Joe Quesada who created the artwork specifically for the film has shared the artwork and process pieces on Tumblr, revealing this page isn’t the only one he’s drawn for the new film:

“Since this page is already public, as seen in the mind blowing Logan trailer, I’m guessing it’s okay to post these process pieces. It was a blast working closely with James Mangold on creating these pages (yes, there’s more than one) and thrilled to have been invited on the project. Attached are my final digital pencils that Dan Panosian had to recreate in a more 90s ink and coloring style and boy did he nail the look!”

The images themselves reveal Wolverine wearing his iconic costume that we got a glimpse of at the end of The Wolverine, however, there is little hope we’ll saw him dawn the yellow and blue suit in the upcoming film as Logan has taken on a western tone that strays away from the colorful look of the comics and Fox Kids series.

What do you guys think? Is it a mistake not to have Logan don the iconic costume? Or does it not matter anymore?

Check out the images below!



Source: Tumblr

  • Darthmanwe

    This show…. This…. show……

    I’m sorry Alan Tudyk, I love you but…

    How does a comedy show fail to elicit ONE LAUGHTER, or a damn GIGGLE during the entire EPISODE?!

    This show was a bad idea from the start, and its just gotten worse.

    Cancelled in 13.


    I thought it was okay. It’s not gonna win any awards, but it’s cute, & I loved all the nods to DC history.