Joel Schumacher Wanted To Do An ‘Arkham Asylum’ Movie

Arkham AsylumIt appears that Joel Schumacher had hopes to do more within the world of Batman after directing Batman Forever and it involved Arkham Asylum. Today marks as the 20th anniversary of the release of Batman & Robin and to honor that, Schumacher spoke with The Hollywood Reporter and reflected about his time with the Batman franchise.

During the interview, the director revealed that that he actually wanted to do an Arkham Asylum story and he had already tried to set it up. At the very end of Batman Forever, we see Nicole Kidman’s character Chase Meridian visit the famous asylum for the criminally insane where she shared one final scene with Jim Carrey’s Riddler.

Schumacher expressed that he would have loved to do a whole film centered on the inmates of Arkham Asylum. While Schumacher didn’t reveal what characters he would have brought together, it was definitely something he would have enjoyed to explore.

“I always wanted to do a whole Arkham movie, and did a scene at the end of Batman Forever when Jim is in a straightjacket and Nicole [Kidman] comes to see him. And it was just a nod to back to Arkham asylum which I love, and I thought it would be fun to put the other villains up there.”

Would you have wanted to see an Arkham Asylum movie from Schumacher? Do you hope the DC Extended Universe one day does an Arkham Asylum related film? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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