John Barrowman Is Open To Coming Back To The Arrowverse

John Barrowman

In the fifth season of Arrow, it seemed pretty clear that Malcolm Merlyn, after also having served as one-fourth of the villainous Legion of Doom, had died during an explosion on Lian Yu. Actor John Barrowman also thought it was the end of his character’s run in the Arrowverse, speaking at a convention in the spring that he would not be coming back.

that Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim is apparently open to having Barrowman back and that it’s up to the actor to see if he wants to return.

Guggenheim (via Green Arrow TVhad this to say about Malcolm Merlyn’s return:

“That’s up to John. We told John when we called him to tell him about the events of the finale, every single person on all the shows has come back in some shape or form. We’ve got flashbacks, we’ve got time travel, we’ve got parallel universes. Goodbye is never goodbye. He has an open invitation to return to the show any time he wants.”

Barrowman took to Instagram today to say he was “surprised,” but “very happy” that Guggenheim might want him back.

“I am surprised and very happy to hear Marc Guggenheim’s comments about Merlyn’s future in the Arrowverse, because in a very decisive phone conversation we had with Wendy Mericle, I was led to believe that there were no plans to bring Merlyn back. If they have changed their mind, awesome! I have LOVED playing Malcom Merlyn and was SO disappointed to be told the news of his death and to no longer be part of a fantastic team and show. If they want me back, they just have to ask! The ball is back in their court. Write Merlyn an amazing storyline and I will be there.”

You can see his full post below.

So, it looks like there has been some miscommunication, with Mericle saying one thing and Guggenheim another. It’s still possible that Merlyn could show up. After all, we never actually saw him die onscreen and superhero properties have a tendency to constantly bring people back from the dead for one reason or another.

Would you want to see Merlyn back in the Arrowverse? Would you want to see him reunite with Thea on Arrow? Let us know in the comments below!

Arrow will return with its sixth season on Thursday, October 12 at 9/8c on The CW.

Source: Green Arrow TV; John Barrowman

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