John Carpenter On Why He Came Back For The ‘Halloween’ Sequel

Halloween Sequel John CarpenterJohn Carpenter is a pioneer of the horror film genre. Widely considered to be the godfather of modern horror, Carpenter has been scaring moviegoers for decades with masterpieces such as The Thing and Christine. Now, the master filmmaker returns to one of the most influential horror franchises of all time: Halloween.

Speaking to Rotten Tomatoes, Carpenter revealed what brought him back to this new installment after 30 years:

“Well, they asked me. You know, the rights went back to Miramax and Malek Akkad talked to me and he wanted me to do something. And then Jason Blum, who’s the biggest horror producer in Hollywood, talked to me. He was going to produce it. They were willing to pay me, which is always a good thing, so I said yes.”

It is no secret that Carpenter is not a big fan of the Halloween sequels that have spun off from his initial film- he didn’t even want to make a second installment. When the time came to make the third Halloween movie, Carpenter was done telling the Michael Myers story and opted to write something completely different. Thus, Halloween III: Season of the Witch was born. But now it seems he has softened on the idea of continuing the saga of Michael Myers.

“I talked about the Halloweens for a long time, the sequels — I haven’t even seen all of them. I don’t even know what really was there — but finally it occurred to me: Well if I’m just flapping my gums here, talking about it, why don’t I try to make it as good as I can? I could offer advice. I could talk to the director. I like the director very much. I like the script. So, you know, stop throwing rocks from the sidelines and get in there and try to do something positive.”

On the new Halloween film, Carpenter is only serving as executive producer, but that hasn’t stopped Danny McBride and David Gordon Green from asking him for input on the script. On the writing process, Carpenter had this to say:

 “They [McBride and Green] came over to my office, we talked about what they wanted to do with Halloween, and I liked what they had to say. So, off we go.”

Halloween will see the return of Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, and Nick Castle as Michael Myers. The film will hit theaters October 19, 2018.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

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