John Cena, Dave Franco, Colton Haynes And Others Star In ‘Marvel Avengers Academy’


We’re used to seeing celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kate Upton star in mobile game commercials, but how many stars can you fit into the game itself? The newly released Marvel Avengers Academy looks to answer that question, with a cast of surprising names that ranges from wrestler John Cena as Hulk to Colton Haynes (Roy Harper on Arrow) as Thor. And that’s not it by a long shot.

TinyCo’s Marvel Avengers Academy focuses on young versions of the Avengers as they attend class and try to balance their love lives while building toward the heroic (or occasionally villainous) men and women they will become in adulthood. Aside from Hulk and Thor, characters include Black Widow (Alison Brie), Iron Man (Dave Franco), Falcon (A$AP), the Wasp (Alexandra Daddario), Spider-Woman (Kiernan Shipka), Ms. Marvel (Priyanka Chopra) and Tigra (Bella Thorne).

As you’ll see in the trailer below, the characters listed above are only a fraction of those included in the game. Following the launch trailer is a video that unfortunately features none of the main voice cast, but does introduce some of their characters. Below that, you can also see a small gallery showcasing four of the characters and their actors.

Marvel Avengers Academy is a free download, available on both Google Play and iOS.

Source: EW

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