John Ridley Updates Status Of Mystery Marvel Project; Will Be ‘Socially Conscious’ But Still ‘Straight Entertainment’

Word has been pretty silent regarding John Ridley’s mystery Marvel Studios project being developed for ABC. We’ve yet to learn exactly what he is working on for the network and with no announcement about the series yesterday, some might have speculated that the project could be dead at ABC. 

While promoting American Crime at the Winter TCA Press Tour yesterday, Ridley provided an update on the project and revealed that it is “still very much alive” and currently “still in development” before noting that his new detective drama for the network, Presence, has nothing to do with Marvel. He also went on to state that that he is looking to bring some of the ‘socially conscious’ nature of American Crime to the project but it still be something that is “straight entertainment.”

You look at Jessica Jones, and [Marvel’s] doing an interesting job of integrating [social consciousness]. I would say in general, graphic novels, their reason for existence is a little different. It’s about wish fulfillment, whether you’re talking about Peter Parker, a young, misunderstood kid trying to figure out his way; if you’re talking about Bruce Wayne, a man who’s dealing with the loss of his parents; whether you’re talking about Clark Kent, an orphan who’s trying to figure out what he’s meant to do without the guidance of his parents.

So, what would Ridley be working on? That’s a question that is on many peoples minds at the moment. There’s been numerous rumors floating around regarding the project, incuding a strong one that I’ve heard myself but won’t reveal at the time. What do you think it is? Or even hope that it might be? Let us know in the comment section below. 

Source: IGN

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