Joker Origin Movie Produced By Martin Scorsese In The Works

Joker Worst CharactersDeadline reports Warner Bros. and DC entertainment are in the early stages of development on a Joker spinoff that would serve as an origin story for the clown prince of crime.

Todd Phillips (The Hangover) is set to direct from a script co-written by Scott Silver (8 Mile) and himself. He’ll also produce the film alongside legendary director Martin Scorsese.

According to the trade, the film is to be the first film that will be separate from the DCEU under a new banner in an effort to create new and unique storylines as the studio expands DC canon with a new actor set to play The Joker, possibly at a younger age. Warner Bros. intends to dial back the clock and tap into Scorsese classics such as Taxi Driver and Raging Bull as the Joker origin film is to be a gritty and grounded crime film set in 1980s Gotham City.

As of now, there is no timeline on the development of the project, however, Phillips and Silver are confirmed to already be writing the script already.

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Source: Deadline

The Top 7 Greatest Batman Vs Joker Stories

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Batman vs. the jokerOf all the comic book hero/villain relationships, there are none quite as fascinating as Batman and the Joker. Order vs. Chaos. Seemingly opposite in nature, but more similar than you might believe. One of them insane while the other borders on insanity, some might argue. All Batman might need to take is one step in the wrong direction to become just like the Joker. Just a little push.

No one gets under the Dark Knight’s skin like the Joker, and vice versa. Joker has taunted Batman by challenging the nature of his existence, by brutally attacking his allies, sometimes even killing them. Batman meanwhile, frustrates Joker endlessly by refusing to give in to Joker’s temptation to kill him. In spite of this, Joker has a certain admiration for the Dark Knight. Depending on the interpretation, some might even call it love.

Over the years, a number of excellent writers have done their version of the Batman and Joker relationship. Whether in the comics, the television shows, or the movies, each medium has allowed a creator to leave their mark on this age-old battle. In the great Batman/Joker stories, the conflict between the Dark Knight and the Clown Prince of Crime is never just physical. It’s always philosophical, psychological and existential. Without one, we have to wonder whether the other would exist at all.

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Michael Mistroff

Michael Mistroff

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    This is a backdoor version of Killing Joke maybe?

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    Will the movie be multiple choice?

    Joker ‘origin’? Jesus DC what are you doing?

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    Dafaq? it’s bad enough that they reboot their comics every second year, and that they can’t have their TV and movie universes on the same page, but now their connected movie universe won’t even really be a connect movie universe? lol…DC is stupid. they have some of the best characters but can’t get their act together. They should just stick to dominating the animated movies and TV shows.