‘Iron Man’ Director Jon Favreau Says Superhero Movies Are ‘Going To Be Around A Long Time’

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While some will continue to claim that “superhero fatigue” is getting ready to set in and that the “genre” will begin to fade away soon, not everyone agrees with that statement. One of those being Jon Favreau, who kickstarted the Marvel Cinematic Universe with 2008’s Iron Man.

During The Hollywood Reporter‘s annual Power Lawyers event in Beverly Hills, Favreua was asked about the previously mentioned film and stated that if the film had not been a success, Marvel would have had to sell the cinematic rights to that character.

There was a lot of pressure because if that first film had failed, the IP was collateral. If we didn’t make money, they could have lost the rights to all their characters.

Favreua was then asked about the future of superhero films and went on to state that “if you stamp” Guardians Of The Galaxyas a ‘superhero’ movie, then I think superhero movies are going to be around for a long time.” No argument here. It really does come down to keeping the films fresh and consistently introducing new characters and concepts.

While he has stepped away from suphero films himself, t was recently reported that Favreau would act as an executive producer on the upcoming two-part Avengers: Infinity War. Here’s hoping we get him back in that directors chair soon as well. Sound off with your thoughts on the subject in the comments section below.

Source: THR

Shawn Madden

Shawn Madden

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  • Vegas82

    I enjoyed his most recent work considerably and would love to see him tackle more heroes.

  • Carl

    BvS was a critical failure but still brought in $834 million worldwide. Civil War is currently tracking for a $175+ million dollar opening weekend. MF’in Deadpool brought in $760 million!

    Superhero fatigue is a myth.

    • Math

      I’m sure some people are feeling the superhero fatigue, but for fans like us, we are just getting started and we know there’s still a lot that can be done. We understand there’s still a lot you can do with these characters. If they would just copy/paste every superhero movies, always doing the same origin stories and such, then yeah, we would get fatigued, but that’s not what’s currently happening. The technology has just come to a point where we can now do all these movies.

      People who say there is superhero fatigue simply aren’t fans of these type of movies. They can complain about it all they want, but as long as fans like us go out to see these movies, they are going to keep making them. I personally don’t really like horror movies, but does that mean there is horror movie fatigue? Of course not. There are still lots of fans who eat those up and it’s the same thing here. I’m getting tired of hearing that “superhero fatigue” statement frankly. No one is being forced to watch these movies. If you are tired of that type of movie, then go see something else. Hollywood ain’t gonna stop making them because some people are tired of the genre. It’s just silly to think like that.

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