Josh Brolin Talks About His Decision To Play Thanos In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

During the Toronto International Film Festival, Collider got a chance to chat with Josh Brolin about his decision to play Thanos in the future Marvel films.  

Here is what Brolin had to say…

“”It’s great. It’s actually great and it’s one of those decisions where when I made the decision, it wasn’t a difficult decision.”

“Because Kevin Feige and Louis D’Esposito are so smart at using Benny [Del Toro] for Guardians of the Galaxy as The Collector, and I thought it was so good. That kind of thing. It’s like, ‘Yes, I absolutely want to do this.'”

Thanos is a very unique role for any actor.  Thanos has been limited to only cameo appearances in the twelve already released Marvel films… appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy, and the end credit scenes of both Marvel’s The Avengers, and Avengers: Age of Ultron.  In fact, we might not see Thanos in a leading role until Avengers: Infinity War – Part 1 (2018) 

SOURCE: Collider

(Sean Steele)

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