The Justice Society Will Be ‘Integral’ To ‘DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow’ Second Season


In a series of roundtable interviews conducted before DC’s Legends of Tomorrow SDCC panel Executive Producer and series showrunner Phill Klemmer said that while the Justice Society of America will not feature in every episode of the show’s second season, they will be ‘integral to the season-long mystery’.

Klemmer also described the Justice Society as ‘the antithesis of the Legends’. The JSA will be the ‘idealised version’ of the Legends, says Klemmer, and effectively act as ‘an earlier era’s version of themselves’. Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim has also said that season 2 of Legends will ‘kick off with an epic battle between the Justice Society and the Legends’, so it appears that the differences between the two superhero teams will certainly have an affect on our Legends. As Klemmer said at the roundtable interviews, the JSA ‘reminds (the Legends) of their own deficiencies’, and it seems this reminder is going to lead to conflict.

Also revealed in the series of interviews is that the writing staff behind Legends feel a lot more confident about Season 2 as they have had more time to plan and structure the season, rebuilding the show ‘piece by piece’. The writers feel that this will lead to the eradication of the unevenness many people experienced with season 1, which was (at least in part) due to the lack of a pilot episode for the show’s first season, which meant that, according to Klemmer, the writers felt like they were ‘stepping on a moving train, and (they) didn’t know where it was going’

Guggenheim also said that the events of Flashpoint being depicted in Season 3 of The Flash will not have major ramifications on the story of Legends, mainly due to the fact that he feels having to deal with the plot line of another show would mean that Legends ‘would collapse under its own weight’. However Guggenheim did add that there will be a connection to The Flash later on in Legends‘ second season.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns to the CW on Thursday October 13th.

Source: CBR

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  • JMMagwood

    Good news that they fully acknowledge what a mess season one was, and they plan to rebuild the show. Really looking forward to this season. Now, hopefully, they’ll realize what a crap-fest “Arrow” has been the last two seasons, and overhaul that as well, then everything will be great!