‘Judas Contract’ Producer Interested In ‘Swamp Thing’ & ‘Flashpoint’ Films

The Judas Contract Swamp ThingWhile DC’s live-action films may not have the greatest track record, DC is known for animation. Warner Bros. have been pumping out numerous hits in DC animated films, and the producer of their latest release has his eye on some more. James Tucker, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract producer, says there are two projects he’d really like to work on, Swamp Thing and Flashpoint Batman.

While Flashpoint already received an animated film, Tucker believes there’s a bit more to explore there.

“Well we’re doing a few so I can’t say, but there was the thing we never got to do with Flashpoint was the Flashpoint Batman story. You know there was no time in the Flashpoint movie to tell that particular story. We did our little-abbreviated snippet to show you how Joker came about, but there’s a whole three comic book arc of that that was in the comics, and I always wanted to bring that to the screen.”

In terms of all new solo animation films, he thinks Swamp Thing could be a good spin-off after Justice League Dark.

“There’s so many like smaller known stories or good stories that didn’t have a big event behind them that would be great to adapt. I’d still love to do a solo Swamp Thing movie, and after Justice League Dark came out I’m like okay, I think we have a little more wind behind us doing that.”

What DC animated films would you guys like to see next? Do you prefer Swamp Thing or Flashpoint Batman? Let us know in the comments down below!

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    I think we seen enough Batman animated movies that it’s getting to tiresome and mediocre. We need to see more animated Superman and Wonder Woman stories especially with her upcoming live action movie and even the Swamp Thing would be more than welcome to see to explore his humanity and be the hero that he will be. The WB animation movie house needs to give Batman a rest for a while