‘Jungle Cruise’ Video Features Dwayne Johnson Showing Off Incredible Set

Dwayne Johnson Jungle Cruise Indiana JonesPrincipal photography for Disney’s Jungle Cruise is currently underway, and the film’s star Dwayne Johnson is pretty excited to show off one of the film’s epic sets.

In a brand new video in promotion for Jungle Cruise, Johnson gives viewers a hint at what the scope of this set is going to be like, teasing its grandness and expresses that this is a practical set with not a green screen in sight (at least for this set). The camera then pulls back to showcase the true nature of this set and it is quite impressive.

You can check out the video down below:

*watch ‘til the end and see one of the most awe inspiring & massive sets ever built from scratch. Walt Disney, this one’s for you buddy! 🧢 🤙🏾💫 Officially kicked off our @DisneysJungleCruise start of production with great respect, love, energy & mana. How cool is it that in 1955 when Disneyland first opened, Walt Disney himself, imagined and designed the first ever JUNGLE CRUISE ride. And he was the ride’s first skipper as well! A role that now I have the honor of bringing to life along with my incomparable co-star Emily Blunt ❤️ Heartfelt MAHALO to my home state of HAWAII for once again being a beautiful and exotic backdrop for one of my films. And for welcoming me and our big production back to the islands to help boost some economics and help our hard working locals and businesses. Honestly, this role is a dream come true and my gratitude & motivation to deliver something great is boundless. And 🤯🥃 now I need a drink. Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime… #JUNGLECRUISE 🚢 🗺🌴❤️

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Johnson also expresses in the video that the film is set to be a tribute to none other than Walt Disney himself. Disney was the creative force behind the original Jungle Cruise attraction when it opened at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, CA in 1955. The attraction is notable for its use of audio animatronics.

Jungle Cruise is the latest film to be based on a Disneyland attraction. Some of these films include the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, The Haunted Mansion, The Country Bears, and Tomorrowland. 

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Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, the film stars Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt, Édgar Ramírez, Jack Whitehall, Jesse Plemons and Paul Giamatti.

Jungle Cruise sails into theaters on October 11, 2019.

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