‘Justice League’: Cyborg Concept Art Shows What’s Under The Helmet

Justice League Cyborg Aquaman Batman Superman Zack SnyderSince Justice League‘s release last November, have you been wondering what Cyborg (Ray Fisher) would look like underneath the masked parts of his face? Newly released concept art uncovers Cyborg’s face, Robocop style.

Concept artist Jerad S.Marantz has released new art for Justice League that features Cyborgs revealed face and it’s eerie. As shown in the film, Cyborg’s character has some trouble adjusting to his new form and this design is a great visual way to show that loss of humanity, even though he overcomes that physical loss to become a hero among the rest of the DC icons of Justice League in the end. Check out the image from Marantz’s Instagram below:

We still don’t know if the design was supposed to appear in a scene in which Cyborg removes his helmet, or if it was just there for the CGI guys to reference while they designed the character. Either way, the concept art gives us a fresh look at Cyborg and it’s actually made me want to go back and rewatch Justice League. Call me crazy, say what you will about some of the mess caused by the prodcution shake up, but I think that the cast still kills it in that movie. Fisher as Cyborg in particular was pitch perfect for the role and I hope we get to see him return to the franchise sooner rather than later.

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Source: Instagram

10 Actresses Who Should Play Batwoman In The Arrowverse

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Batwoman DC ComicsIt was just revealed that Batwoman herself will make an appearance in the next major Arrow crossover. After including characters like The Flash and Supergirl, Kate Kane herself is swinging into the Arrowverse. The character has been featured in animated DC projects, but she has never appeared in live-action before.

A talented actress is needed to bring such a strong character to life. Batwoman is just as fierce a fighter as her cousin Batman and she has a unique view on the world. An ex-soldier who was raised by her obsessive father, Kate Kane picked up the Batwoman mantle separate from her cousin’s decision to fight crime in Gotham. She has no problem putting herself in harm’s way to protect others and she’s also an intelligent tactician who will challenge Oliver Queen for the top slot in Arrow’s Justice League.

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