DC Universe Announces ‘Justice League Vs. The Fatal Five’ Animated Movie For 2019

Justice League Shazam Zachary LeviDC has announced a number of upcoming animated films for 2019, including an original animated story titled Justice League vs. The Fatal Five.

Fans of DC have a busy year ahead of them, in a good way. Young Justice is coming back, along with a whole new slew of live-action shows like Titans on the DC Universe streaming service, plus live-action movies like Aquaman, Shazam!, Wonder Woman 1984, and Joker. All of those, plus the on-going comics, and that’s still not all of it. Now, fans also can look forward to animated films such as The Death of SupermanBatman: Hush, Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, Reign of the Supermen, and Justice League Vs. The Fatal Five.

The original Fatal Five line-up is made up of characters such as Emerald Empress, Mano, The Persuader, Tharok, and Validus. The line-up, who are typically associated with The Legion of Super-Heroes, have a varying array of powers at their disposal. Validus is the son of Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad, two of the founding members of the Legion of Super-Heroes. After a terrible capture by the iconic DC villain Darkseid, Validus was made succeptable to the mind control poers of Emerald Empress, a former member of the Legion of Super-Heroes who weilds the mystical item known as the Emerald Eye of Ekron.

Mano is another alien, though he comes from the planet Angtu and has the ability to disentegrate anything that he touches. Mano joined the Legin of Super-Heroes to help the team take on the enemy known as Sun-Eater. Persuader was another being recruited by the Legion of Super-Heroes to battle Sun-Eater, carrying the ability to use his atomic axe, a weapon capable of cutting through anything. Tharok is a cyborhg being who was rebuilt with robotics after a horrific accident left half of his body destroyed. Tharok’s intelligent was greatly increased, but he remained the same level as evil as before the accident.

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Source: Comicbook.com

10 Actresses Who Should Play Batwoman In The Arrowverse

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Batwoman DC ComicsIt was just revealed that Batwoman herself will make an appearance in the next major Arrow crossover. After including characters like The Flash and Supergirl, Kate Kane herself is swinging into the Arrowverse. The character has been featured in animated DC projects, but she has never appeared in live-action before.

A talented actress is needed to bring such a strong character to life. Batwoman is just as fierce a fighter as her cousin Batman and she has a unique view on the world. An ex-soldier who was raised by her obsessive father, Kate Kane picked up the Batwoman mantle separate from her cousin’s decision to fight crime in Gotham. She has no problem putting herself in harm’s way to protect others and she’s also an intelligent tactician who will challenge Oliver Queen for the top slot in Arrow’s Justice League.

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