After ‘Justice League,’ What’s Next For Its Six Members?

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Justice LeagueJustice League is right around the corner and is a cornerstone film in the growing cinematic universe featuring the DC Comics heroes. While the DC Trinity (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman) have already been featured in films before, the other half of the team will be receiving their own films post Justice League.

This burgeoning universe is still relatively new and there are tons of directions that have either been confirmed, speculated or just up in the air, so it’s the perfect time to look at possible scenarios where each member of the Justice League can go.

Here’s what’s next for the six heroes featured in Justice League! Click Next to get started.

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  • John Grice

    I have the sequel for the next Superman movie already sequel already written, let’s go Warner Brothers and Zack lets get this on and poling ! Superman Sons of Krypton is in the can.