After ‘Justice League,’ What’s Next For Its Six Members?


Jason Momoa Aquaman Photo

Arthur Curry is the next hero getting his own feature film. His standalone adventure is set to hit theaters in 2018, so audiences have a vague idea on where the character is headed. We know that his film will delve into his origins as well as his place in the Atlantean hierarchy. The half-breed son of an Atlantean queen and a human man will have to figure out his place in the world. Other than that, no real details about the plot are known.

Patrick Wilson has been cast as Orm, Arthur’s Atlantean half-brother, who is also known as the villain Ocean Master. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II has also been cast as Black Manta. These two are generally considered to be Aquaman’s greatest enemies in the comics. Who will take the role as the big bad of the film is still in question now but the general consensus is that it’s going to be Orm.

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