What’s Next For Henry Cavill’s Superman After ‘Justice League’?

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Superman Henry Cavill Justice League DCEUIt was no secret going into Justice League that Superman would return by the end of the movie. The hero died at the end at Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice but even that movie hinted that it would not stick. Superman is symbolic with DC Comics. If there is going to be a movie universe featuring the characters, it needs the Man of Steel.

Now that Henry Cavill’s Superman is back, what is next for him? The end of the movie found Clark Kent in a situation that we are familiar with. Going about his every day but flying off when alerted to danger. This is the hero that many have been clamoring for since 2013’s Man of Steel. Now that his status has been reaffirmed, there are various directions to take the fan favorite character.

Here’s what’s next for Superman after Justice League! Click Next to get started!

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  • bingeit 45

    he’s done is what’s next for cavill, everyone except mamoa & gadot are gone

    • Clark

      No you are sheep!!

      • xxjinzaxx

        a sheep of the highest magnitude. Even goats would see him as the troll under the bridge.

  • Clark

    Very excited now that he is finally SUPERMAN can’t wait to see a long awaited sequel with Cavill and Adams

  • John Grice

    This is a well written thought out article. I agree with all of it! I have a story I’d like to share but don’t know how to get it to Warner’s. We probably need a new director for this too. Why not commission Whedon to do the whole thing?

    • xxjinzaxx

      You mail it. Post date it and a copy that you keep. This way when it gets to the right people, you’ll be able to claim it as yours without the fear of anyone snatching the idea from you.

  • Kevin Newman

    Bring superman back was a great ideal

  • E Deplorable Unum

    I think the concept of a married Lois and Clark with a child that serves as a sometimes sidekick would be a fantastic mythos to explore. The problem with Supes is the same with Bats. Every new incarnation starts by retelling the origin story and it wears out the character before it ever progresses beyond the stage they are at now. Move forward Warner Bros. Just don’t let Bryan Singer get anywhere near it.

  • xxjinzaxx

    Moments highlighted in this article made me smile, and I most definitely look forwards to more Henry Cavill. He makes a fantastic Superman, and I cannot unsee that. I grew up with Christopher Reeve’s. Heck, his was the first movie I ever saw in my life in Downtown LA, McArthur Park on Alvarado St. Double-feature with Star Wars, baby (El Mayimbe would jelly for that experience). In spite of this, I truly believe that Henry makes an incredible Superman for our time.