Kara To Face Ben Krull a.k.a Reactron In This New ‘Supergirl’ clip

The first two action-packed episodes of Supergirl has shown us massive destruction, and Kara’s powers only starting to develop to her full potential. So will she be ready for Monday nights fight with Reactron? A formidable foe of Superman’s, this will sure be a test for cousin of Kal El.

Here’s a clip you can wet appetite with


Reactron shows up in National City to take on the cities new defender, after kidnapping tech tycoon Maxwell Lord, Kara must save Maxwell and battle a foe who may be too much for the newly caped wonder.

Can Supergirl take on Reactron? Tune into CBS 8 P.M E.T Monday to find out.

Source: Entertainment weekly

(Matt Byrne)


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