Keanu Reeves & Alex Winter Teaming Up For Third ‘Bill & Ted’ Installment

Bill Ted Excellent Adventure

No, this is not a drill. This is actually happening. 29 years after the original excellent adventure, Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are back as the head-banging, air-guitar-playing time travelers (the mere fact that that is a sentence is enough to announce a national holiday) named “Ted” Theodore Logan and “Bill” S. Preston Esq., respectively.

The third entry into the Bill & Ted series, titled Bill & Ted Face the Music, has been rumored to happen for literally my entire life. Since we last saw them at the end of Bogus Journey, fans have been dying for another installment. And here it comes. Written by the original creators (Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon) and with Dean Parisot set to direct (Galaxy Quest, Red 2), it seems like everything is a go to bring the Wyld Stallyns back to the big screen. Steven Soderbergh is also on board as an executive producer.

Last year, Reeves spoke about the project on the Graham Norton Show, saying:

“[They’re] supposed to write a song to save the world and they haven’t done that. The pressure of having to save the world, their marriages are falling apart, their kids are kind of mad at them, and then someone comes from the future and tells them if they don’t write the song it’s just not the world, it’s the universe.”

I, for one, can’t wait to see what kind of home life these two hard rockers have forged for themselves.

Although no release date has yet been announced, it’s a good guess that we’ll have to wait until at least 2019 to see the third chapter of the Bill & Ted saga. They’ve made a mess of history. They’ve beaten the literal embodiment of Death at Twister. What will these two do next?

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  • I hope this really happens! The comics are pretty good.