Ken Bone Answers The Age-Old Question “Team DC or Marvel?”


This political election cycle has been interesting, to say the least, but one hero has emerged through the political mud-slinging. That hero is Ken Bone, who asked a question about energy policies during the second Presidential Debate.

When it comes to another polarizing topic, Marvel vs. D.C., Bone has already made up his mind. During a recent AMA on Reddit, Bone said that he is clearly in favor of the Marvel Universe.

“Marvel Universe overall. Love the way the X-Men and Avengers interact especially. Individual characters DC for Batman and Superman. Animated series easily DC and the TIMMverse. Cinematic goes to Marvel and their brilliantly crafted continuity.”

So while Bone remains undecided about the upcoming Presidental election, it is clear that he stands with the Avengers when it comes to comic book movies.

Bone has become a staple of pop culture following his debate appearance. Fans can even dress up as Bone for Halloween, costumes have started to surfaces in the style of Bone, but he will be going in a different direction this October 31st.

“I’m already the sexy Ken Bone so I’m thinking bust out the old Jedi robe / lightsaber combo and be Obi-Wan Kenboni.”

Other topics on the AMA included his conversation with Bill Clinton and if he would rather eat pizza rolls or bagels?

Porque no los dos? You don’t fill out a sweater like this by doing pizza anything half way.”

It’s unlikely that Bone will be at the final Presidental Debate, but if he is, odds are that he will be wearing his now famous red sweater once again.




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