Kevin Conroy Found The Christian Bale Batman Voice Odd

Kevin Conroy Batman Christian BaleIn a recent appearance at MCM Comic Con, Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy said that Christain Bale’s take on the character was a little odd.

During the appearance, the sixty-two year old actor was asked about the Nolan version of the Caped Crusader and admitted that the voice sounded a weird:

“It sounded weird! What can I say? It sounded like he had laryngitis. But he does Bruce Way, my god, he nails Bruce Wayne. He’s a terrific actor. Did you see American Psycho? I mean, he’s a wonderful actor. But his voice was weird as Batman.”

This sentiment is one that is shared by many. While most agree that Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are among the greatest comic book films ever made, most would also agree that Christian Bale’s voice in the film was a major weak point. Despite the films’ status, it was the focus of many Batman related jokes and is often cited as a way not to perform an intimidating character. Something that Kevin Conroy would know all about.

Since he first took up the role in Batman: The Animated Series, Kevin Conroy has voiced the role over forty times over the past twenty six years. Despite the many live action versions that have popped up in that time many still consider the Conroy version of the Caped Crusader to be the best. The actor recently provided the voice for the character in the film Batman and Harley Quinn and for last year’s video game, Injustice 2. The actor is currently providing the voice for the Caped Crusader in the Justice League: Action animated series which has aired 52 episodes.

Do you agree with Conroy’s thoughts on Christian Bale’s take on Batman? Or are people being unfair to him? Who do you think is the best Batman? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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  • Gordios79

    Actually, Conroy is the odd one here and his obsession with Christian Bale’s voice is ridiculous. If Conroy knew a little about Batman he’d know that in comics Batman’s voice is described exactly as Bale did it. However Conroy is just spoiled by the fans of the animation and he thinks that this makes him something. Saying that Affleck has the better balance makesConroy more ridiculous because Affleck’s presentation of Batman had nothing to do with Batman. And no comment from Conroy for Affleck’s robotic voice? Where in the comics Batman had a robotic voice? I think that Conroy should stick to animation and stop judging legendary actors like Bale because he shows how envious he is.