Kevin Feige Talks Spider-Man, Marvel Phase 3 & Black Panther Director; Paul Rudd Teases Civil War Side

Marvel Studio’s president Kevin Feige, recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to talk about the future of Marvel and some details regarding the deal that was announced on February, which allowed Spider-Man to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Feige talked about Marvel’s level of involvement in the upcoming reboot that is planned for a July 2017 release, as well as the possibility of the Avengers popping up on Spidey’s next solo adventure.

THR: After Civil War, how much will Marvel be involved in Sony’s Spider-Man movie?

FEIGE: Well, we’re producing it for Sony. It’s exciting, and we’re treating it like we treat all of our films. To try to make the best version now of Spider-Man and a version of Spider-Man that inhabits this universe that we’ve created. We’re in lockstep with [Sony Motion Picture Group chairman] Tom Rothman and [producer] Amy Pascal at every turn.

THR: So some of your Marvel characters will show up in the Sony Spider-Man movies?

FEIGE: Specifics of the story aside, the agreement that has been made between Sony and Marvel is that we could do that.

THR: Do you risk giving up any of your autonomy by working with Sony?

FEIGE: Without getting into the contracts, it’s definitely a Sony picture, produced by Marvel Studios. We’ve been working with each other for a number of months now. It’s been just as healthy as any of our internal discussions. We just look at it as having additional team members. We wouldn’t want to do it if we couldn’t do it in the way we’ve done all the other movies, and I think that’s what Sony wants from us.

Feige also talked about some of the future Marvel movies, specifically Black Panther and Captain Marvel, revealing that a director for the former should be announced by the end of the Summer. He also revealed that he’s been in talks with Ava Duvernay, who’s heavily rumored to direct Chadwick Boseman as the King of Wakanda, following his debut next year on Marvel’s epic, Captain America: Civil War. Finally he talked about the possibility of recasting a role down the line, after the end of an actor’s contract.

THR: How far away are you from picking directors for Black Panther and Captain Marvel?

FEIGE: I think by the end of the summer, we’ll have most of those things. Black Panther especially.

THR: Ava DuVernay has been mentioned as a director for Black Panther. Is she under consideration?

FEIGE: We’ve met with her for sure. We’ve met with a number of people for a number of movies. She has been one of them.

THR: Looking to the future: Robert Downey Jr. has hinted his days as Iron Man might be numbered. If for some reason one of your actors doesn’t continue in the movies, do you recast or simply retire the character now that you’re developing new members of the Avengers?

FEIGE: Thankfully, I’m not going to be faced with that decision for many, many years because we have everybody locked up and planned out for as far as any studio has movies planned. But one day, it will be a combination. It will be a combination of choosing which characters to continue on with and explore and which to bring in, as we’re doing with Captain Marvel and Black Panther. And certainly to recast in some way or another – as we’ve already done in certain cases. Certainly many other franchises have reached that milestone before we have and done that with great success.

Joining Feige in the interview was also Paul Rudd, who talked about his involvement in Captain America: Civil War, which is currently filming in Atlanta. Although the actor didn’t reveal which side he’ll be taking next year, he talked about his first day of shooting with his fellow Avengers and how excited he is to be a part of the Marvel Universe.

THR: So, Paul, have you also started shooting your scenes in Captain America: Civil War?

RUDD: I did a couple of weeks ago.

THR: And are you team Iron Man or team Captain America?

RUDD: Those are government secrets. I was telling Kevin, it was the first time I really felt like I was in it. I started working on Ant-Man a couple of years ago, and I’ve been so immersed in it. But we’ve been shooting it in a bubble. When I went to the set of Civil War, I was 10 years old. There’s Captain America, there’s Iron Man. And not only that, but I’m doing scenes with them, calling them by their names. That feeling of excitement, the surreal nature of it is the best, it was great. I really felt for the first time part of the Marvel Universe.

Ant-Man hits theaters on July 15, while Captain America: Civil War will premiere on May 6 next year.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

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