Kevin Feige Reportedly Eager To Bring X-Men To The Marvel Cinematic Universe

X-Men Disney Fox Kevin FeigeAccording to a new Deadline report, which digs deep into the Walt Disney co. acquiring almost $68 billion worth of assets from 21st Century Fox, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is said to be anxious to get dig his claws into the Xavier’s mutants.

As the merger between the two media giants seems to be rocketing closer and closer to a reality every day, there is much speculation as to what film franchises Disney would acquire. Obviously, there are the thriving reboot of Planet of the Apes and James Cameron’s upcoming Avatar. There is also the dormant Die-Hard. But there is no doubt the most exciting concept is the idea of bringing the X-Men and Fantastic-4 to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The news that Feige is “eager to get his hands on the X-Men Universe” should not raise anyone’s eyebrows. Whether he will table other X-verse films including DeadpoolGambit or Multiple Man is not clear though. According to the article, even if an announcement is made as early as next Wednesday, logistics (when regulatory approval is granted) cannot be worked out until the end of 2018. But it sounds like Feige, who has spearheaded 4 of the 15 highest grossing films globally and successfully resuscitated Spider-man, will have Wolvie and company lining up with The Avengers the moment he can. This may also be why Feige has not been definitive about Phase 4.

Just a personal request here – Kevin, if this goes down, please give us a decent Cyclops.

Are you stoked to see Feige play with the X-Men? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Source: Deadline

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Marvel AvengersMarvel Studios President Kevin Feige has officially said he’s holding back on reveals about the Marvel Cinematic Universe until after Avengers 4. With Feige holding information close to the chest, it seems likely big changes are set to hit the MCU soon.

Now that the MCU is more than fifteen films strong, I expect new characters and dramatic team shakeups soon so fans stay invested. There are a lot of things I wish could happen to the MCU, but I’m only talking about things I consider a real possibility here. Yeah, I’d love for the X-Men and the Fantastic Four to join the MCU, but I don’t expect that anytime soon. At the moment, Captain America and Wolverine will probably never hit the trenches together, but just know that would be number 1 on my list if Fox and Disney had a better relationship.

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