Kevin Smith Happy To Be Directing ‘Supergirl’


It was announced today that Kevin Smith would not only be returning to direct an episode of The Flash this September, but that he’ll also be directing an episode of new CW acquisition Supergirl. Smith announced his joy at the opportunity to direct Melissa Benoist and co. via a Facebook post, where he also ended up revealing the title of the episode he’ll be directing, Supergirl Lives.

You may remember Smith wrote a script for a Superman movie titled Superman Lives, which in the end never got made. Smith clarified that the title has nothing to do with the plot of the episode itself and is merely a homage to his failed Superman project.

Are you excited about Smith directing episodes of both Supergirl and The Flash? Did you enjoy his last foray into DC television? Discuss in the comments below.

Supergirl returns to our screens on the CW on Monday October 10th. Until then, you can catch up on episodes of the shows first season on the CW.

Sam Easton

Sam Easton

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  • Maximillian Pegasus

    I would rather have Kevin Smith writing for Arrow.

    • SAMURAI36

      He said he might at some point.

  • Carlito Brigante

    Haven’t watched this show maybe i will now…enjoyed his Flash episode.