Kevin Smith Weighs In On ‘Captain America: Steve Rogers #1’


Humble and beloved filmmaker Kevin Smith weighed in on the controversy surrounding Captain America: Steve Rogers #1. Befitting his current status as levelheaded elder statesman and maker of fun silly latex horror movies, Smith had this to say:

Current #CaptainAmerica story could be fun but won’t be canon change, because THIS guy could never be a Hydra agent.

It’s refreshing to see a reasonable take on this mocktroversy, audiences have been conditioned to make hot takes and play out outrage theatrics as they relate to the fast half-life of social media content, so much so that we apply the behavior to every new topic. This is cognitive dissonance and it makes light of and obscures the actual things that outrage should be reserved for and squanders the energy necessary to rectify them.

My wrestling people can recognize a simple by the book heel turn, and I for one will enjoy watching the writers unravel this particularly fraught knot.

Nomas Tomas

Nomas Tomas

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  • unpaidpundit

    Is saying that Kevin Smith “weighed in” on a topic a not-so-subtle dig at Smith’s obesity problem?

    • AlphaBlu

      Unlikely. ‘Weighed in’ is a common phrase.

      Don’t look for motives where there are none. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  • Joseph

    Why are people so mad after just one issue though? Has it been confirmed that Cap actually is evil in this version? It’s not possible that Cap is doing a deep undercover mission? Or has that been debunked by the writers already? I just don’t get all the outrage. This seems like typical comic book trickery, getting us to believe a good guy has turned evil when he’s really just undercover. Seems so obvious. Unless I missed some official confirmation that Cap is indeed evil now. If it’s not all a trick, then I’m pretty sure he will eventually turn to the good side. It will make for a very interesting redemption story.

    • Vegas82

      Someone over at Marvel came out and said this is who Cap really is. He’s not being controlled, he’s not tricking people. He’s a Hitler saluting member of Hydra since WW2.

      • SAMURAI36

        Serious? Wow. As much as I hate Marvel, even I gave them the benefit of the doubt, that this was just some sort of plot twist.

  • AlphaBlu

    I still remember the time when Cap was killed and never ever came back and stayed dead because everything that happens in comics is permanent.

    Oh wait that didn’t happen.

  • LupeX

    Reminds me of how radical religious groups terrorize people figures the artistically touch their religious figures

  • LupeX

    Reminds me of how radical religious groups terrorize people figures the artistically touch their religious figures

  • H.I McDunnough

    I figured it was just one big swerve.

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