Kevin Smith’s ‘Flash’ Episode: ‘Favorite Thing I’ve Ever Directed’


Kevin Smith is arriving on The CW’s The Flash to direct an upcoming eposide. Now that production on his eposide has wrapped, Smith is talking about the experience on his podcast “Fat Man on Batman.”

“It is wonderful, dude. First cut was 55-minutes, of my episode of The Flash that I directed. We got it down to the running time, it’s 42-minutes. It may be my favorite thing I’ve ever directed. Now that doesn’t mean like I suddenly don’t like the movies that I directed. I wrote and directed those things. But this, just as a directing exercise removing scripts and sh*t like that and about how I personally feel about material, whether or not it generated from me I think this is hands down my best directing job I’ve ever done. Just directing. I feel good, and I’ve gotten some nice praise from upstairs. Sounds like I will be able to go back, unless they catch me with a dead girl or a live boy. I think I will be able to go back.”

Smith will be directing eposide 18 of The Flash, no details have been released about what fans can expect but it would appear that this team up is an excellent matchup for comic book and TV fans alike. Thor & X-Men: First Class screenwriter Zack Stentz is writing Smith’s episode.

The Flash, along with Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow have all been renewed for new seasons on The CW.



Chelsea Lewis

Chelsea Lewis

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  • JMMagwood

    I’m looking forward to it.

  • Geir Gunnarsson

    Isn´t it episode 21 that he directed?

    • Vegas82

      Certainly couldn’t be 18 since that aired on Tuesday… IMDB has it as 21.

      • Ruben C Barron

        He said on Babble-on and on Fat Man that he directed 21 which is followed by the 2 part finale.

  • Splinter76

    Really happy for him and looking forward to seeing episode 21.

  • Chris W

    lol. It wouldn’t be a Kevin Smith quote without something offensive.

    • Berylwreyes1

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  • chaburchak

    I hope it’s better than the Zoom episode that just aired…that thing stunk up the joint.

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