KJ Apa Says ‘Riverdale’ Season 1 Finale Originally Had Different Ending

Riverdale fans know how hard it was to watch the final moments of the season 1 finale. The one decent parent in the entire town, Fred Andrews (Luke Perry), was shot during what appeared to a be a robbery at Pop’s diner with his son, Archie (KJ Apa), right there.

Even though the final event of the season will have ramifications that will reverberate throughout the show’s second season – most notably for Archie – the ending we saw on TV was originally much different. At least according to Riverdale star KJ Apa.

Caught by Flicks and the City at the MCM Comic Con in London this past May, Apa was asked about how the ending changed to what we saw.

“We actually had a completely different ending while we were shooting,” Apa said. “Actually, only me and Luke [Perry] got sent the ending the night before we actually shot that scene. Me and Luke sat down, we had a chat about it and we spoke to the writers and kind of just got it done. No one else actually knew about it except us at that time.”

Although Apa couldn’t reveal what the original ending was, he did tease that it had something to do with the Blossoms, which seems pretty par for the course considering most things in Riverdale have something to do with the Blossoms.

Maybe we’ll get to see this alternate scene play out in some other way in season 2. For now, you can view Apa’s interview below.

Riverdale season 2 will premiere on Wednesday, October 11 in its new timeslot: Wednesday nights at 8/7c on The CW. The complete first season will be available on Blu-Ray and DVD starting on August 15.

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Saturday Morning Cartoons That Could Make Successful Movies

If the Smurfs or Transformers movies have taught us anything, old Saturday morning cartoons are the new grade-A meat for the movie studios. Cartoons can be turned into animated movies, just look at the success of the Spongebob Squarepants movies, but they can also make successful live-action adaptations. Well, with Power Rangers coming out soon, an idea so silly it might as well have been a Saturday morning cartoon it’s time for studio execs to take a look at some of these hidden classics. There’s clearly a lot of money to be made adapting beloved children franchises.

I want to point out a key word to all of you guys in case you get mad at my list. I don’t necessarily know if all of these cartoons could make good movies, but I’m pretty sure they could turn a profit and be considered successful. Some of these can be enjoyable and they’re ones you might not necessarily expectIf I forgot about your favorite Saturday morning cartoon, head to the comment section and let me know!

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