‘Kong: Skull Island’ Launches Viral Marketing Campaign

Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island has kicked off its viral marketing campaign. In the narrative of the movie, Monarch Sciences have sent multiple groups to explore the secrets of Skull Island. The studio have begun releasing encrypted communications through the Monarch Twitter account, allowing fans to learn a little about the island, including the giant gorilla himself.

The first transmission used an every third key code that eventually spelled out DESTINATIONACQUIRED. This would allow you to then head to Monarch’s open hub at discoverskullisland.com and open several folders containing live footage from the recon team.

The latest encryption is in audio form, which you can have a listen to below.

As you can hear, the code reads back as ‘Incoming Monarch Transmission: Sierra, Kilo, Yankee, Delta, Echo, Victor, India, Lima, Sierra’. While the audio clip then immediately cuts out, you can probably work out the message, but if you’re not aware of military code then it reads SKYDEVILS. Using this code, you can unlock the second encrypted folder, which contains the footage below.

Yes, that is indeed footage of Kong himself swatting away a helicopter. You can expect more footage when the movie’s trailer is released in 4 days time.

Kong: Skull Island stars Brie Larson (Weaver), Tom Hiddleston (Captain James Conrad), Toby Kebbell (Major Chapman), Tian Jing (San), Samuel L. Jackson (Lieutenant Colonel Packard), John Goodman (Bill Randa), Corey Hawkins, John C. Reilly, and Jason Mitchell (Glenn Mill).

The movie hits theatres on March 10th 2017.

Source: comicbook.com

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