Krysten Ritter & Melissa Rosenberg Comment On A Possible Second Season Of ‘Jessica Jones’

Shortly after debuting, Marvel’s Daredevil received a second season order from Netflix. We’ve yet to get word if Jessica Jones will receive the same but while chatting with Variety, showrunner Melissa Rosenberg and star Krysten Ritter briefly commented on the possibility While it doesn’t sound like they’ve gotten that call yet, they’re ready to go when it does happen. Rosenberg stated the following. 

I’d love that. Me, personally – I’m ready to go,” Rosenberg said “Marvel has a lot going on. So does Netflix. So I don’t know if a second season fits into this schedule, when, whether or not we’ll get one. I don’t know any of that. I personally, I’m ready to jump in now. I’ve had some time off. I needed some time off! It was a really hard run.

Ritter’s ready to go as well. She added that she had “mixed emotions about the ending, because what does that mean for Jessica’s journey or her purpose? So I think I would love to see what she gets into next. And I love doing stunts – like, fight sequences and things like that. They always say in second seasons they really amp those up!” Have you finished Jessica Jones yet? Ready for a second season? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Variety

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