What We Learned From The Final ‘Logan’ Trailer

Logan second trailer
Just like the first, the second trailer Logan trailer came ready to make you have all the feels, with the perfect music and story of its own to tell in the lead-up to Hugh Jackman’s swan song as the clawed mutant everybody knows, Wolverine. The trailer, set to “Way Down We Go” by Kaleo, captures the same Western vibe those (including our own Leon Brill) noted in their reviews of the first 40 minutes, which were previewed last month, as well as showcases newcomer X-23 (a mini-Wolverine played by Dafne Keen), who already looks ready to break out like Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven on Netflix’s hit Stranger Things.

There’s also some awesome comic book meta-humor, promises of bloody violence galore, and, for Red Band trailer watchers, a couple f-words courtesy of Jackman and, hilariously, Patrick Stewart’s ailing Professor X (for those curious, beyond an extra scene at the end of the Red Band trailer, there’s not much else other than a couple extended moments, plus blood).

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Sam Flynn

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