‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ 2.05 ‘Compromised’ Easter Eggs & Other References

legends of tomorrow

Warning: This article contains spoilers from tonight’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow. We recommend you give the episode a full watch before reading any further. 

Legends of Tomorrow explored the 80’s in tonight’ new episode, featuring Damien Darhk as he attempts to facilitate an arms deal with soviet Russia. The episode also gave us some much needed Reverse-Flash, as well as further developing the rivalry between Sara Lance and Darhk. Ray and Mick had some good scenes together, and we also got to see a young Martin Stein once again.

The references in tonight’s episode primarily pertained to the greater DC television universe, as well as some pop culture references. ‘Compromised’ was the first episode since the pilot to directly continue the main season’s story-arc as the Legion of Doom slowly begins to take shape. After tonight, the team also now knows that Darhk is working with a speedster.

If there’s anything else you want to know about tonight’s episode, make sure to read out full review, here.

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