‘Legends Of Tomorrow’: ‘Abominations’ Review

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legends-of-tomorrow-204-reviewLegends of Tomorrow featured our time traveling heroes in the year of 1863 as a virus arrives in that time and start turning confederate soldiers into horrifying zombies and it’s up to our heroes to stop it.

With Ray’s super-suit being no more, he is benched for this mission as he has to help the team from the Waverider which tends to be more challenging for him than he realized as he begin to question if he has a purpose on the team. Unfortunately, Rory gets infected and is turned into a zombie that Stein and Ray must take on.

While that’s happening on the Waverider, Amaya and Jax have to take on the hardest part of the mission by going undercover in a slave plantation. While he thought he could handle the racism that existed back then, Jax gets a close experience with how difficult it was for African-Americans back then.

With everything that happened in tonight’s episode, we have a lot to discuss. So hit the next button below and let’s breakdown the top moments and highlights from the Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 episode: “Abominations”

#5: Another Piece Of Future Barry’s Message Revealed

#4: Ray’s Inner Struggle

#3: Legends Vs Zombies

#2: Why Jax Jackson Deserves Better

#1: Verdict

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Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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  • Monty

    Huh, normally we pretty much agree on the show reviews, Andy. But I’m going against you on this one. I found it to easily be one of the best episodes for the show. My only real criticism is that this was the perfect opportunity for Sarah to really cut loose and that didn’t happen. Zombies are the perfect excuse for her to up her body count. I loved the fact that Jax had some serious moments and story arc of his own to follow and the Civil War I felt was used perfectly. It’s an A- for me.

    • Matches Malone

      I have to concur. I thought they balanced the episode extremely well and boldly dealt with some difficult issues. LoT was never my favourite comic book show but it has quickly ascended the ladder to top 3 – Marvel Netflix notwithstanding. This was an excellent episode IMHO

      • Monty

        Agreed. Balanced is a great way to describe it. Again, not a dis to Andy in any way, but this episode offers both levity and a real, palpable darkness and I really appreciate the writers pulling this together. That’s what makes for a great show.