‘Legends Of Tomorrow’: ‘The Chicago Way’ Review

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legends-of-tomorrow-208-reviewLegends of Tomorrow was the last CW DC show to conclude their first half of their new season as the time traveling heroes continue to hunt for Hourman’s killer. The episode opens with Eobard Thawne and Damien Darhk, along with Malcolm Merlyn, in Chicago 1927. They are there to offer Al Capone some assistance in taking down some new “foes” that are on their way, meaning the Legends.

The heroes arrive in 1927 Chicago to try and stop Capone as Gideon detected an aberration. But during the mission, the team runs into both Thawne and Darhk. Thawne ends up kidnapping Stein and Sara who gets visited by Malcolm.

He tries to come to a deal with Sara who he wants the amulet from and in exchange, he would give her a normal life again. Sara however refuses the offer which doesn’t thrill Darhk one bit. Stein does eventually reveal to Sara that he accidentally created a daughter because of a recent time travel trip. The White Canary isn’t happy about it at all and tries to convince that Lily isn’t real.

Throughout the episode, Mick begins to hallucinate his former partner in crime, Leonard Snart a.k.a. Captain Cold. As Mick keeps bonding with Vixen, Snart tries to mess with Mick’s head several times as he is aiming to “set him straight”. Mick however doesn’t let himself be distracted by the ghost of Snart.

The Legion of Doom come together to put the two amulets together and we learn that it’s actually a map that Eobard explains will bring them to something known as the “Spear of Destiny”. However, they still need another piece or to be more exact: someone.

With everything that went down in the fall finale, there is a lot that we want to discuss and breakdown. So hit the next button below and let’s breakdown the top moments and highlights from the Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 episode: “The Chicago Way”

#5: Malcolm Merlyn’s Legends Debut

#4: Team Finds Out About Lily Stein

#3: Return Of Captain Cold

#2: Legion Of Doom Evolves

#1: The Ending

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