‘Legends Of Tomorrow’: ‘Compromised’ Review

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legends-of-tomorrow-205-trailerLegends of Tomorrow continue their mission to protect time and space as the legends travel to 1987 as they discover that Damian Darhk is working with the President, which means that Darhk is up to no good. However, it gets complicated as Sara tries to kill him again for murdering her big sister, Laurel Lance, in 2016.

Nate and Amaya begin to bond throughout the mission as Nate wants to learn more about the Justice Society of America, but Amaya isn’t sharing much. When they try to go and find the JSA in 1987, Amaya is stunned when she discovers that the academy is no more and an older version of Obsidian emerges to tell her what happened.

Since Ray lost his Atom suit a few weeks ago, Mick has been trying to help Ray find new purpose within him, by trying to make Ray his new Captain Cold since Snart’s death in Season 1. However, the duo comes to realize that Ray may not have what it takes to go dark as Snart, when in fact the answer has been in front of Ray this whole time.

Eobard Thawne pushes Darhk to finally partner up with him as he has big plans in motion for our heroes. With everything that happened in tonight’s episode, we have a lot to discuss. So hit the next button below and let’s breakdown the top moments and highlights from the Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 episode: “Compromised”

#5: Ray Tries To Find “His Dark Side”

#4: Nate & Vixen Begin To Bond

#3: Justice Society Returns, With A Twist

#2: Sara Messes With Damien’s Head

#1: The Legion Of Doom Rises

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  • Monty

    Steel having more control of his transformations was a real highlight for me. I dislike Ray and the cold gun. But I think the writers intended to make us uncomfortable with that. Agree with the grade.