‘Legends Of Tomorrow’: ‘Outlaw Country’ Review

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legends-of-tomorrow-206-trailerLegends of Tomorrow has at this point discovered that an evil speedster is now their newest enemy that they have to deal with. As the team tries to figure out how to deal with this new foe, this week’s episode of the show takes them back to the Old Western for another Aberration.

As they arrive, they discover their old ally Jonah Hex being in a bit of trouble and they save him before he finds out that Rip Hunter is currently missing. The baddie that they have to deal with this time in the Old Western is Quentin Tumbull who is trying to take over the West.

Nate is beginning to stepping outside of his comfort zone as he takes on the role of hero, but during an encounter with Tumbell, he is shot by a Dwarf Star bullet that is revealed to be one thing that can go through Nate’s steel-skin. Nate begins to doubt whether he should be a hero, but Ray steps in with several encouraging words.

Meanwhile, Stein is beginning to see flashes of a mysterious woman that he has never seen before, but yet has some connection to. Jax and Stein together figure out that due to him interacting with the Stein in the past. As they realize that, Stein begins to fear that maybe his history with Clarissa may have been erased from his timeline in 2016.

With everything that went down in the episode, there is a lot that we want to discuss and breakdown. So hit the next button below and let’s breakdown the top moments and highlights from the Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 episode: “Outlaw Country”

#5: Nate’s Weakness Revealed

#4: Return To Wild Western

#3: Stein Begins To Feel Changes

#2: The Return Of Jonah Hex

#1: Setup For The Crossover

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  • Monty

    The moment Steel had stopping the train was a reminder of the moments that makes these DC shows great. It reminds me of the Arrow/Deathstroke fight and the Super Sonic Punch from the first season of the Flash. Those moments are too infrequent.