‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Season 2A Roundtable

dc-legends-of-tomorrowThis season on Legends of Tomorrow, the show has evolved as the time traveling heroes are on new adventures to keep the world safe, by protecting time and space. Along the way, they have made a couple of new recruits on the team, with Nate Haywood who recently became the superhero Citizen Steel and Amaya Jiwe a.k.a. Vixen who is a member of the Justice Society of America, a group of heroes from the past. This year they are not facing one, but several villains that are coming together as the dangerous Legion of Doom.

With the series now on hiatus until late January, we here at Heroic Hollywood are doing a number of Heroic Roundtables to discuss the first half of various TV shows until they return. While we wait for the show to return, several Heroic Hollywood writers came together to discuss the first eight episodes of Season 2, and our expectations for the second half of the season. So hit the next button below and let’s dive into Season 2A – be aware though for spoilers from the first nine episodes.

Page 1: New Structure & Storytelling For Season 2

Page 2:  The Evolution Of The Legion Of Doom

Page 3: Sara Lance/White Canary As Leader

Page 4: Introductions Of Citizen Steel & Vixen

Page 5: The Mysterious Return Of [SPOILER]

Page 6: Hopes & Expectations For Season 2B



Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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