‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Season 2A Roundtable

legends-of-tomorrow-leadershipSince Captain Hunter’s disappearance in the premiere, Sara Lance has taken on the role as leader for the team. How is she doing as the new leader so far, good or bad? Do you prefer Sara as the team leader as opposed to Rip Hunter? Any other thoughts you want to share regarding Sara’s leadership?

Andy Behbakht: 2016 really became the year where I came to love Sara Lance a lot more as a character as she has gotten to get really fleshed out throughout Season 1 and 2. Given that the show is so male dominating, I love the fact that a woman is getting to run the ship and team. I miss Laurel as much as she does so whenever we see her deal with the struggle of not being able to bring her back anytime she runs into Damien Darhk. Although she should probably swing by 2016 quickly and check in with Oliver because well…Laurel is back! Sara’s leadership has also been one of the best things about the show this season so keep it coming!

Mae Abdulbaki: I like Sara a lot. She’s flip flopped a little too often this season, what with her attempts to kill Dahrk in revenge and then decide not to kill Dahrk. I think her moral compass is sometimes all over the place, but strangely enough, I do think she makes a semi-decent leader, if only because she has the ability to take control of a situation. If given more time to grow into the role and is given more development as captain, I think she can really rally the troops if given the chance.

Andrew McBride: She’s doing fine. Sara might not be a natural leader, given her tendencies towards ninja assassination and solitude, but who else was going to captain the team? Quirky Palmer? Growling Heat Wave? Stein? No, she was the obvious choice, and she takes on the role reasonably well. I think Rip being a more certified time travel expert probably still gives him the edge on Sara, but he’s off trying to be Steven Spielberg or something. Sara’s toughness and fortitude, not to mention her experience, make her a more than qualified fill-in, though, and there might even be some power struggle when Rip inevitably returns.

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Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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