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This season has introduced two new members to the Legends team in the form of Nate Heywood a.k.a. Citizen Steel and Amaya Jiwe a.k.a. Vixen. What are your overall impressions of these two new recruits and what they bring to the team? What would you like to see more of from their characters?

Andy Behbakht: For a minute, I really thought this was some weird effect of Flashpoint, but when looking at it a second time, it’s definitely something else. I think it would be hilarious if he is undercover because then the question just becomes “for what?!” if you know what I mean. I do wonder what the Legion of Doom will need with him as they teased that they are going after him at the end of the fall finale. However he returns to the show, I just hope that it doesn’t cause an end to Sara’s leadership because while he may be a former Time Master, she is doing a far better job than he mostly did.

Mae Abdulbaki: I really like Amaya. She has a strong presence and I really, really want the show to further develop her character. She shouldn’t be sidelined during missions because she can be pretty powerful and sometimes it does feel like she’s left back on the Waverider a lot. I want to see her out in the field more, interacting with everyone and especially Sara (like I said earlier!). She’s grounded and has a good head on her shoulders. Her addition to the team is refreshing. I enjoy Nate too, although sometimes he does tend to overshadow other characters in screen time and in being more front and center than Jax, for example. However, he does bring a boyish energy and I didn’t expect him to bond that well with Ray, but a lot of their interactions are fun. He’s also been a good addition, but moving into 2B, I’d like for his character to take a step back a bit in order for others to get their shining moments, too.

Andrew McBride: I am out on those two. Halfway through season two and I am just not interested in these new team members at all, especially Citizen Steel. Probably because he is a carbon copy of several characters on The CW’s DC lineup, these show’s favorite characterization: the hyper-intelligent, super-goofy, relentlessly-chatty oddball. How many of these characters do we need? There is Felicity, Ray, Cisco, Curtis, and now this guy. These are FIVE different characters that are, actually, the same character. To repeat: Nate Haywood is just Felicity 5.0, and I’m starting to really wonder why these creators like to recycle this characterization so, so much. And Vixen has just been bland. Though, this actress is certainly an improvement on the last one cast as the character.

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Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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