‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Season 2A Roundtable

legends of tomorrow-jsa-302We have nine more episodes left of Season 2 which will kick off on its new timeslot after The Flash in January. What hopes do you have for Season 2A? Are there things you hope to see less or more of in the second half? Got any predictions about returns for characters like Captain Cold? Any last thoughts about the first half you want to share?

Andy Behbakht: I’m just hoping to get my Captain Cold back and have him be completely evil, as well as re-establish him into the Arrowverse so that we can have him on The Flash after this season of Legends. I would really like to see the Justice Society again, something that I felt was marketed so much and yet we got only one episode with them. In addition, I really hope we get to go to the future of something as we have been spending quite a lot of time visiting the past. Can we go to Central City 2036 or something like that, since we got to visit Star City 2046 back in Season 1? Also, however they do it and for however long, give me more of Jonah Hex please! Overall, while I have had my critical points with the season so far, I do think the show has stepped up big time and hopefully will in the second half too.

Mae Abdulbaki: I’d like to see the Legends actually stop going to such prominent time periods and perhaps stick to smaller scale time periods where they lessen the risk of causing complete mayhem. I would like to see more engaging stories in terms of characters. I want the team to drive the story and not the other way around. I want more fun character moments and deeper development for them as well. I also want to see Captain Cold come back but in a way that makes sense. I am looking forward to seeing more of Rip as well. My prediction for the second half of season 2 is that the spear of destiny Reverse-Flash and the Legion are after might tie-in with The Flash.

Andrew McBride: I just hope the second half of the season can pick up in quality, though there isn’t much reason to believe it will, even if the Legion of Doom becomes more prevalent. It seems the creators have found a formula they like for this show and I’m assuming they’re sticking with it. You have access to a couple of pretty good villains from throughout this universe’s history, and a time-traveling spaceship. There has to be a way to utilize these exciting elements and make a decent show with them. I hope they can figure it out, or maybe they already did and the first half of the season was just building to it.

Those are our thoughts on the first half of Season 5. Sound off in the comments below what you think of the Emerald Archer’s fifth season so far. Also check out our roundtable discussion for Supergirl Season 2A,The Flash Season 3A and Arrow Season 5A!

Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 returns with all new episodes at its new timeslots, Tuesday, January 24, 2017 at 9/8c on The CW.


Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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