Page 1-‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Review: ‘Fellowship Of The Spear’

Check out our review of this week's episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, entitled "Fellowship of the Spear." J.R.R. Tolkien! Captain Cold returns!

5. Return to the Vanishing Point

I love that we got to revisit the Vanishing Point! It’s one of those classic locations from the comic books, so it’s great to see it in live-action again, even if it was blown to hell by the Legends last season. It’s the perfect hideout for the Legion of Doom with Thawne’s (Matt Letscher) situation (being erased from history), but emotionally-speaking, it was also an appropriate location for this particular episode considering it’s where Snart originally met his end.

It was also really nice seeing everyone in their signature suits again for a change. I’m a comic book fan. I love the colorful costumes and all that good stuff, so one of the things I always get bummed out about is that with so much time travel going on all the time and the Legends always having to blend in, they rarely get to wear their superhero duds. That made it worth the trip to the Vanishing Point on its own.

Honestly, I could’ve used a bit of action in the spear fragments theft scene, but it was nice seeing the team working together to get one clear-cut victory over the LOD. The best part of this was Firestorm (Franz Drameh) transmuting the thing holding the fragments into jelly beans. Firestorm’s transmutation power is one we don’t see him use enough. He used it in the Season 1 finale, but I don’t remember seeing him do it since.

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