Page 1-‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Review: ‘Fellowship Of The Spear’

4. One Spear To Rule Them All

Now that the Legends have the complete spear, they have to find a way to destroy it. Nate (Nick Zano) figures out that they need the blood of Jesus Christ to destroy the spear, but they can’t simply go to the crucifixion to obtain it (I quite liked Rip’s explanation that some moments are so important they must not be visited). Luckily, Nate has a Plan B, for which they need to travel to 1916 France and find J.R.R. Tolkien.

Just like the episode where the team met George Lucas, I really liked seeing the team’s interactions with Tolkien. I loved all the LOTR references, at least the ones I caught. I’m just a casual LOTR fan, so I’m sure I missed a bunch of stuff. I loved that Mick’s impulsive torching of the spear revealed the writing on it and that the spear whispers to them, both traits of the ring in the book. I also liked little dialogue nods, like the “fool of a Tolkien” line. Nate dropped a couple of great references, like calling their team a fellowship or confirming that Tolkien likes long stories.

What I liked most, though, is seeing Tolkien work together with the team. It kinda felt right in a weird way. We already know that Tolkien’s slated to appear in the season finale as well, so who knows? Maybe he could become a permanent fixture. They’ve got a new opening…