‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ 2.06 ‘Outlaw Country’ Easter Eggs & Other References

Warning: This article contains spoilers from tonight’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow, “Outlaw Country”. We recommend giving the episode a full viewing before reading any further.

The Legends returned to the Wild West in tonight’s episode, “Outlaw country”, as their old friend Jonah Hex joined them once again. This time, they were up against the duel dilemmas of stopping both Quentin Turnbull and the a aberration that effectively turns the western region of the United States into, “Turnbull Country”. Nate learns his true power, Martin Stein begins having his own personal flashpoint paradox, and Ray Palmer finds a way to reconstruct his beloved Atom suit.

Tonight’s episode did not contain a whole lot of easter eggs, but it had some cool moments worth discussing. Before you continue on, make sure you check out our review of tonight’s episode, right here.

Now sit back, relax, and click ‘next’ to view the top 5 easter eggs and other references we found from tonight’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow.

Josh Behr

Josh Behr

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