‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Recap: S1EP14 “River of Time”


As the inaugural season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow draws near the finale, the stakes continue to raise for all parties involved.

Last week our heroes had captured Vandal Savage after Kendra was unwilling to kill him since Savage has made her long lost love Carter his brainwashed foot soldier. The group had no other recourse but to put him and Carter in the ship’s prison cell and ponder what their next move would be. This week’s episode “River of Time” saw the result of Kendra’s actions. Although Savage spent most of the episode as a prisoner, he was very much in control of everything the entire episode. At first, the heroes debate continuing with the plan for killing Savage, but then realize that there may be a way to involve the Time Masters. Savage’s monster robot that fought “Giant Man” Ray last week had technology that could not exist in 2166 and was in fact from the future. Basically, Savage is guilty of the crimes that the Time Masters are sworn to fight against.

As the group takes the Waverider to the future to bring Savage to justice. Of course, during the trip things get difficult for the team. The Waverider is still damaged due to the previous battle last week and is literally flying apart. Rip Hunter, ever eager to avoid his family’s death at the hands of Savage, is so steadfast in stopping Savage that he is even willing to sacrifice members of the crew to bring Savage to justice. As a result, while trying to fix the ship, Jax becomes injured when bombarded with time radiation, essentially turning him quickly into an old man. The only way to save him is for Stein to send him back to 2016, having him leave the group. Meanwhile, Savage is doing his best Hannibal Lecter-like mind job on each of the members of the crew to get them to not only turn on each other, but anger them into “accidentally” setting them free. Kendra is also trying to reach Carter and remind him that he’s not Savage’s underling, but her long lost love, which further complicates things for her and Ray.

Once Savage finds himself free, it’s an all-out battle between the group and him as the Waverider heads towards the Time Masters. With the group almost defeated, it boils down to a battle between Kendra and Savage and as Kendra is losing, Carter begins to regain some of his memories and starts to fight Savage to his detriment, as Savage stabs him (possibly mortally). Afterwards, Savage is in custody and as the Waverider arrives to meet the Time Masters and present the evidence that Savage has been using technology from the future. To Rip Hunter’s disappointment, the Time Masters do not care about that and side with Savage and end up arresting Hunter and the rest of the group.

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