‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Recap: S1EP15 “Destiny”

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For the penultimate episode of Legends of Tomorrow, it was a race against time and the Time Masters!

Last week ended on a low note with the Time Masters betraying the Rip Hunter in favor of Vandal Savage and the rest of the Legends being imprisoned by them. In addition to them in custody, Jax got sent back to 2016, which means that Stein would soon die, needing to fuse with him to control their nuclear powers as Firestorm. Needless to say, things were not looking good for the heroes. How were they going to get out of this jam and find a way to save the day?

The episode began all the way at the beginning showing the group as they first formed way back from the first episode, but with a twist. Jax from the current timeline made it back to 2016 and needed Stein’s help to make things right.

Meanwhile at the Vanishing Point in the future, Stein is beginning to suffer from his separation with Jax. As the group remained imprisoned by the Time Masters, they take Rip Hunter to head Time Master Druce’s office where he explains to him the importance of Vandal Savage and that everything that has happened this season has been a part of their plan in order to ensure that Vandal Savage is in charge of the entire planet to fend off an alien invasion in the future. The only two Legends who weren’t caught by the Time Masters were Snart and Sara, as they hid on the Waverider to escape capture. It is now up to Snart and Sara to come and save the day.

The Time Masters separated Rory/Heatwave from the rest of the group with the hopes of brainwashing him back into his bounty hunter alter-ego Chronos so that he can go and hunt down Snart and Sara. He does his best to resist them but ultimately turns back to the Dark Side.
Sara and Snart manage to reactivate Gideon and escape. What appears to be an escape via a time-jump, was actually was just the ship moving outside where they can then launch an assault on the complex at The Vanishing Point. Sara and Snart then proceed to rescue everyone in their cells, including the recently devastated Rip. When the Legends are confronted by Chronos, turns out the brainwashing didn’t take much of an effect as Rory was always on their side.

As they escape, they realize that they have no way of defeating Savage unless they stop the Time Masters by destroying the Oculus Well, the means by which the Time Masters see and manipulate time. As they lead an assault on the Oculus. Of course, since the Time Masters can see time, they are expecting this assault and set a trap. However, the one variable they were not prepared for was Jax coming back from the past to help save the day. All the Legends continue to the Oculus fighting the Time Masters with hopes of overloading and destroying the Oculus. Unfortunately, someone has to stay in the Oculus to manually blow it up. Ray Palmer first wants to remain behind, then Rory, finally Snart sacrifices himself as it is destroyed. The Legends mourn Snart’s sacrifice and now free from the Time Masters, are free to go forward to stop Savage.

Meanwhile, Savage has taken a time ship back to 2166 to go and murder Hunter’s wife and son. He also kidnapped Kendra who tries her best to talk him out of killing them. Unfortunately, he goes forward and kills them. With the destruction of the Oculus, the Time Masters inform Savage that they no longer can help him, but it doesn’t matter because he’s right where he needs to be to be able to take over the world anyway. Plus he still has a time ship and can now manipulate time himself.

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