‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Recap: S1EP16 “Legendary”

As the first season of Legends of Tomorrow comes to an end, the heroes are pitted against Vandall Savage for a final confrontation to not only save the world but save time itself. Will our heroes go and save the day? Will everyone make it? What’s ahead for season two?

Beware: this contains spoilers from the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow: “Legendary.”

Last week the heroes succeeded in destroying the Oculus removing the Time Masters’ control over time. However, their victory did come with sacrifice. In order for the Oculus to be destroyed Leonard “Captain Cold” Snart had to die. Meanwhile, Vandal Savage managed to kidnap both Kendra and Carter ad escape in a time ship. There’s no telling what damage Savage could do with a time ship, so it’s up to our heroes to finally stop him.

The episode began with Rip Hunter dropping off the team back in 2016 however a few months after he had originally picked them up. The team is somewhat dismayed because they still want to continue the mission, but Rip leaves them none the less. As they attempt to get back to their normal lives, they still want to go back and finish what was started.

Meanwhile, Savage has come up with the ultimate plan to use Thanagarian technology (the meteorite that gave him Kendra and Carter their immortality) and Kendra and Carter’s blood to rewrite history by going back to ancient times. Savage’s plan requires him to be in multiple timelines to complete this task. Lucky for him, he’s immortal and has a time ship which helps him accomplish this plan. However, the legends also have the waverider, which gives the audience the opportunity to see multiple timeline battles between Savage and the heroes across time.
After the battle, there’s the issue with the meteorites, which still have the ability to destroy the planet if not disposed of. The heroes are able to destroy them in two timelines, but not in another. This will require yet another sacrifice in which Rip Hunter volunteers to take the meteorite into waverider on a ride to the sun, but not before he is able to find a loophole and escape in the last second.

In the aftermath of saving time and the planet, Rip decides that with the Time Masters out of commission, someone needs to safeguard time. He tells invites the team for yet another adventure, to which all but Kendra and Carter agree to go on. Just as they are about to “rise off into the sunset,” they are interrupted by a new waverider and a new mystery guest telling them about what’s to happen next.
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