‘Legion’: ‘Chapter 2’ Review

legion chapter 2
Last week, I went over the series premiere of FX’s Legion and how I thought that stylistically the show is already in a different league. Based on one episode, it also had a very interesting narrative, but now that David is out of custody, I wasn’t sure if there would as much drama to go off of.

Thankfully, the team has a brilliant way of allowing us to keep going back into David’s mind. We are still able to see David’s memory and time jumps through Ptonomy Wallace’s (Jeremie Harris) mutant ability of “remembrance.” With this convenient plot device, Legion continues to confuse but also sheds light on some unanswered questions from the season premiere. However, don’t be fooled, “Chapter 2” is still a profound mystery.

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#5 A Strange Bedtime Story

#4 Counseling Session

#3 “A Romance of Mind”

#2 MRI Memories

#1 Final Thoughts and Verdict


William Outlaw

William Outlaw

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  • Troy

    Just catching up on this and your reviews are great, especially with as much stuff as goes on in this show!