‘Legion’: ‘Chapter 6’ Review

 Back in the mad house! I thought last week’s episode of Legion was the best yet, and the ending really solidified that. As you know, David, and all the other Summerville mutants (plus The Eye and Lenny) were transported back to the hospital that the first episode took pace in parts of.

Obviously, if you saw the last episode, you will know that the hospital this time is not real at all. In fact, David and his friends are all in the astral plane. David and Sydney went to their “beach house” once The Eye started shooting at them in David’s house, but he inadvertently trapped everyone with him once The Devil with Yellow Eyes almost captured Syd.

Immediately, we see a “sane” Lenny talking to each of the Summerville mutants individually as if they were normal people with significant mental issues. She brings up Mrs. Bird’s inability to move past her husband’s “death,” Cary and Kerry’s unusually close relationship, and Walter’s (The Eye) insecurity with himself. It’s a great set up for the rest of the episode, even though it’s clear that this chapter is somewhat of a filler.

Anyway, I picked out a few of the most important parts of this episode of Legion to analyze. Click next or pick one of the topics below!

#5 Sydney the Schizophrenic

#4 Kerry and Cary

#3 The Walls Have Eyes

#2 Lenny and David Have a Chat

#1 Final Thoughts and Verdict