‘LEGO Batman’ Director Would Love To Be Part Of The DCEU

LEGO BatmanThe LEGO Batman Movie is still a couple of weeks away, but it’s already generating some very positive buzz from early screenings. That and the fact that the movie is produced by the same people behind 2014’s smash hit The LEGO Movie certainly gives us hope about the latest Dark Knight film adaptation.

And now, while the hype is still up, the film’s director, Chris McKay, recently expressed his interest in directing a live-action DC film while responding to a fan’s question on Twitter regarding the possibility of playing a role in the DCEU.

Here are the tweets.

We wish Chris all the luck on his pitch!

While I personally think this is not such a crazy idea, it is definitely a long shot in the current state of the DCEU. It just doesn’t seem plausible for the producers to take a chance on a relatively new director while the current movies now need to re-gain the public’s faith more than ever. But who knows, maybe if The LEGO Batman Movie is the big hit we all want it to be, McKay’s name will rise to the top of the DCEU directors wish list. At the end of the day knowing how to tell a good story is all that matters.

Would you like to see Chris McKay take a shot at a DC movie? If so, which one? Let us know in the comments.

The Lego Batman Movie hits theaters February 10, 2017. You can watch the latest trailer below.

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Luis Espinoza

Luis Espinoza

Luis Espinoza is a part time writer at Heroic Hollywood and a director at Cinema Kaffe

  • Max Irons

    I still think Lord & Miller and Edgar Wright should direct The Flash and Shazam respectively.

    • DarkoCool

      We can only dream.

    • Bill

      Lord and miller wrote the first flash script and were asked to direct but they left to do Han Solo

  • DarkoCool

    Sure, I mean he already directed a DC cartoon. Why not a feature film?


    LOL, those are my tweets that are featured in this article. Good to see that I’m helping make the news for HH.

  • Bill

    Give this guy the flash or green lantern