Leonardo DiCaprio Playing The Joker Is Far From A Sure Thing

Leonardo DiCaprio Joker
A recent report discussing the planned Joker one-shot movie – which is planned to be set outside of the DC Extended Universe and is set in an alternate version of the 1980s – revealed that Leonardo DiCaprio is in the running for the title role. But in spite of this, a newer report suggests that this report isn’t completely accurate, and that the chances that DiCaprio plays the character are slimmer than that report made it out to be.

According to TheWrap, the reports that Scorsese was looking toward getting DiCaprio aboard to play the Joker were a bit exaggerated. In addition, the source in contact with TheWrap also Jared Leto, who is still committed to playing the Joker in the DCEU’s movies, is said to not be a fan of the idea of a non-DCEU Joker movie (which may be part of the reason why a Joker and Harley Quinn spin-off is also in development – to give Leto’s take on the character another chance in a much larger role than his extended cameo in Suicide Squad). Furthermore, this source noted that Scorsese’s involvement with the project has not been fully established yet, as the project is still in early development and Scorsese is in early discussions with DC Entertainment. Warner Brothers issued no comment in response to The Wrap’s questions about the original story or what they learned, while representatives for neither director Todd Phillips nor producer Martin Scorsese replied at all.

It should be noted, however, that this doesn’t rule out the possibility that DiCaprio being in the movie at all, however. The idea behind the initiative that DC is interested in with their planned label for non-DCEU movies – which could potentially be classified as ‘Elseworlds’, or DC stories set outside of the main continuity that take liberties with existing continuity – is to attract auteurs and talent that would not typically go near the realm of superhero movies. These more ambitious, risky projects are meant to give these creators free reign to explore DC’s characters with an artistic license and tell stories without feeling the need to be constrained by a larger cinematic universe. If Scorsese officially signs on to the project, however, the chances that DiCaprio may be involved will probably increase – if he passes on it, then the title role will likely go to someone else.

In any case, fans can rest easy knowing that both the DC Extended Universe, as well as more out-there ideas that can stand on their own, will remain in development.

The standalone, non-DCEU Joker movie does not currently have a release date. The film is slated to be directed by Todd Phillips, produced by Martin Scorsese, and written by Scott Silver.

Source: TheWrap

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DC ElseworldsOccasionally, there are times when comic book authors toss comic book continuity aside and straight-up create an alternate universe to tell brand new stories that bend the rules of the characters and radically change their settings as a side effect. DC calls these stories “Elseworlds,” and from the sound of things, DC is coming up with a plan to introduce that concept into their movie division with the standalone Joker movie set outside of the DC Extended Universe. The project, which has yet to be formally announced by Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, is set in the 1980s and is styled after movies like Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver (fitting, considering that Scorsese is producing the project). It should be noted that the DCEU is still in active development on a Joker & Harley Quinn project, featuring Jared Leto and Margot Robbie reprising their roles from Suicide Squad, following that movie’s unexpected cliffhanger.

Whether or not having a mix of creator-driven and shared-universe-driven narratives get developed at the same time will work, or whether audiences will be confused by it, remains to be seen. It certainly has worked for DC’s animated movies (as evident by most movies being their own thing while some — like Justice League: War and Teen Titans: The Judas Contract — share the same setting), but in an age of cinematic universes, this might be harder to pull off. The DC Elseworlds Multiverse, as we’ll call it for the sake of this article, has a lot of source material it could draw upon to tell one-off stories. While the DCEU will continue tell one big story about the return of the so-called Age of Heroes, the DCEM should be able to take advantage of the nature of self-contained stories and go completely nuts with them, embracing their radical departure from the source material and telling the kinds of stories we could never see in a shared universe.

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