Liev Schreiber Returning In ‘The Wolverine’ Sequel?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is generally considered to be the worst film in the X-Men film franchise. However, Liev Schreiber is widely regarded as one of the better parts of the film for his portrayal of Sabretooth. Hugh Jackman shares those sentiments as evidenced during a recent Q&A session on Twitter, where he expressed his desire to see Schreiber reprise the role. Now here is some interesting banter between Jackman and Schreiber…

Jackman’s tweet appears to suggest he is training for an upcoming role, which we can assume is that of Logan in what’s expected to be his last outing as the character in James Mangold’s sequel. Schreiber’s response could mean he’s in talks to join him, or he could be having some fun. In any case, Schreiber would be most welcome back in the role and if Ryan Reynolds can get another shot as Deadpool, why not Liev?

(Andrew Gifford)

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